Buying a gun: too easy?

Sep 142003
Authors: Jesse McLain

Buying a gun may be as easy as not being a felon.

“Anyone with any outstanding warrants, domestic abuse and felonies will be denied the sale of a firearm,” said Tom Frink, a sales associate at Jax Outdoor Gear, 1200 N. College Street.

Although all gun sales require a background check, some debate whether they actually help in prevention.

“Good people don’t come into gun shops like mine to purchase guns,” said Tim Brough, owner of Colorado Wingsport, 41132 Weld County RD 13. “People who follow the law will follow it, people who are below the law buy their guns in back, dark alleys somewhere.”

Since tragedies such as Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999, some students feel background checks do not come close to being enough to regulate the sale of firearms.

“It worries me that the wrong type of people carry guns,” said Erin Casey, a senior environmental health major. “In my ideal community no citizens would be able to carry guns.”

Although some students feel restrictions on guns should be increased, others feel guns actually help to decrease crime.

“If everyone had a gun, every criminal would know it, and I think that would prevent a lot of crime,” said Lane Trujillo, a junior criminal justice major. “If criminals knew that everyone could defend themselves they would be less likely to commit the crime in the first place.”

Though dealing with gun safety is a highly debatable issue, the CSU Police Department rarely has to deal with incidents involving firearms.

“The most weapons cases we have ever had to deal with in a single year is 7 or 8. It’s not like we’re dealing with guns on a regular basis,” said Capt. Bob Chaffee, CSUPD’s Press Information Officer.

Much of the responsibility for firearm protection undoubtedly falls into the hands of those selling them.

“Most of our sales are to men around 25, and women who are interested in protecting themselves.” Frink said. “Even if someone does pass the background check, I would deny a sale to anyone under the effects of any drug or threatening any kind of violence.”

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