Sep 102003
Authors: Amy Resseguie

Studying. For some students it can be one of the most dreaded activities on a college campus.

Many CSU students have developed strategies for efficient studying, including selecting a favorite study location.

“Without a place to focus it is impossible to succeed,” said Cynthia Scarpa, a junior international studies major. “So why not have a specific place to study? It will make the difference in the long run if you really apply yourself.”

For some students, such as junior zoology major Mike Vincent, the great outdoors is a popular study

“It’s just nice to feel the air and the grass, and every now and then a squirrel comes up to distract me,” he said.

Junior Caitlin Bidinger, environmental health major, enjoys climbing the tree in her front yard to study.

“It’s quiet and I like being in trees,” she said. “Plus, you can people watch.”

Bidinger is quick to point out, however, that climbing trees is not allowed on the CSU campus.

There is also a wide selection of parks near campus that provide quiet study atmospheres.

“I like the park by Spring Creek Trail,” said Ginny Fugett, a senior music education major. “There’s never anyone there, and it’s really nicely manicured … I have a little mattress pad that I take with me to sit on the grass.”

Other students prefer to study indoors.

“Under the stairs in the biology building is a good place,” said Bidinger. “It’s quiet, there are tables and chairs and there’s a fish tank.”

Scarpa enjoys the solitude and cozy atmosphere provided by local coffee shops. “It’s nice to just relax with a drink and get all of your reading done without being distracted by the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) ding on your computer,” she said.

Some students praise the Morgan Library as a prime studying location.

“It’s easier to meet friends from classes and to work on group assignments at the library,” said Lauren Rouse, a junior psychology major.

In spite of the popularity of the library and the appeal of studying outdoors, the majority of students interviewed prefer to study at home.

“I like to study in my room, because that’s where my music is on my computer,” said John Siewert, junior computer science major. “The library is too far away.”

Daesha Batteiger, a sophomore English major, agreed.

“I prefer my kitchen table because I can listen to my music, I can eat and I can be by myself,” she said. “The library is too quiet. It just feels awkward and not at all homey.”

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