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Sep 102003

Tuition increases seems to be the favorite phrase of our beloved Board of Governors of the CSU System.

And as a result, CSU students are being short-changed.

These increases, if passed, would come after classes have been cut and faculty have been laid off. If you are going to raise tuition then we are raising our standards on the education you provide for us.

For more money we demand class sections stop being cut and class sizes stop increasing. We expect to not be sitting on the floor of our classrooms (air conditioning wouldn’t hurt) and we expect our beloved and hard-working faculty not be laid off or asked to take pay cuts – they deserve more than that.

We expect more scholarships – need-based and merit-based – to make higher education more available for every student who deserves to be here.

The university must come up with more creative solutions for CSU’s budget crisis, such as making the university less reliant on state money by actively promoting and encouraging gift-giving from donators (or trying to release CSU from the chains of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights).

While we know the university has stepped-up the pursuit of donations, as last spring’s $20.1 million gift from the Bohemian Foundation demonstrates, more must be done.

To the Board of Governors and the Colorado Commission of Higher Education: Tuition increases are a short-term problem to an ongoing dilemma. The hardship students face does not justify the increase.

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