I Got Plummer’s Back

Sep 102003
Authors: Steve Latuda

I am not afraid to say it, “I love Jake Plummer!” Now I know that scares some of you people out there in Broncoland, but have no fear, Plummer is going to lead Denver back to the Super Bowl!

Yes I know that he threw three interceptions last week against the Bengals in Denver’s 30-10 victory, and yes I know he completed less than 50 percent of his passes last week, and yes I know that out of the twelve passes he did complete, five went to Clinton Portis on swing passes, but does no-one else see what I see?

I see leadership.

I think that since my man John Elway left after bringing home back-to-back Super Bowl trophies, some of us have forgotten about how important leadership is to a football team. Ex-Bronco and now injured Dolphins quarterback Brian Griese lacked that one important quality. Unfortunately it took until the second time we played the Raiders last season for us to realize that fact. I loved Griese, but when he “got hurt,” after throwing an interception when we were losing the most important game of the season, I about puked.

About calling the Broncos we, I can call them we because I have been by their side since I was able to sit up straight and watch a game as a small child.

The quarterback position is still the most important position on the field, but the quarterback’s role has evolved.

Quarterbacks no longer need to be Pro-Bowl caliber passers, they need to be leaders. Just look at the last couple of Super Bowl winners, and let’s see how many of them you would want on your fantasy football teams. Trent Dilfer, any takers? Tom Brady, not after last week’s performance. Finally Brad Johnson, no thank you.

Now if you were asking me to chose them as leaders of my team, no problem.

Don’t get me wrong, defense is a huge part of the Super Bowl equation, but no defense wants to play hard when their quarterback is sitting on the bench miles away from the other guys or at home tripping over his dog.

Sure Plummer threw those three interceptions, but didn’t you notice that even after he threw them he was still slappin’ hands and pattin’ helmets with his teammates. He kept the energy level high, and the defense fed off of that. That last quarterback we had, I can’t even mention his name anymore, would throw the interception and then silently zip off out of sight.

Guys love that. They love a guy who is not going to quit on them no matter what the situation is. I believe that Plummer will not quit on us.

So let’s rally around our new fearless leader, and show him support because he will find his groove, and once he does all of you Plummer haters out there will be saying the exact phrase that I say every day when I wake up, “Plummer will lead us to the bowl.”

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