Sep 092003
Authors: Editorial Staff

Eighty-seven billion dollars is a lot of money, but it is the amount President Bush is asking to further America’s reconstruction of Iraq.

Despite not having an agreement of being in Iraq, the editorial board feels it is America’s duty and obligation to stay and help clean up the mess we made.

Not doing this would almost ensure the uprising of another Saddam Hussein and would give the world another reason to hate America’s foreign policy.

We owe it to Iraqis to live up to our promises of liberation and freedom. We also owe it to our troops to back them up with the resources besides body bags necessary to do their jobs.

After being a tad rude with the United Nations about getting their permission to enter Iraq, Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell are pleading for financial assistance after they realized America could not afford to run this mission solo.

The best we can hope for from American’s involvement in Iraq is that the struggling nation emerges as a strong and powerful ally and that Iraq becomes a democratic brushfire for the Middle East.

It’s hard to gasp the notion of $87 billion but it’s harder to image America leaving Iraq in a condition that could breed another tyrant force such as Hussein – we just hope our grandchildren approve because they will be the ones paying off the tab.

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