Show me more than the money

Sep 072003
Authors: Editorial Staff

We are all in college for the same reason; to get better jobs when we get out. For some of us that also means better paying jobs and for others it means we will be clipping coupons.

It seems in our society, we do not value people who teach and who make our society so great.

For those of us who pay for movie tickets and for seats at football games, we are all responsible for the salary gap between people who entertain and those who keep our society running and usually have more responsibility.

For a lot of people, pay is a deciding factor when choosing a major and it should be a factor but it should not be the only factor when making that life decision. Can you be happy with a career in your major? Will you enjoy the job or are you simply doing it for the money?

We hope young people choose their major they base it on whether they can see themselves enjoying their profession for 10, 20 or even 30 years.

We feel no matter what major students have, they can find jobs that are fulfilling finically and personally.

If you are majoring in computer science you should have a passion for the profession and not for the Lexus that job provides. If you are a liberal arts major, hopefully you get a job that you enjoy but can also pay the electric bill.

In a Utopia, everyone who walked off the stage with their diploma would walk into a job that paid enough for college to be worth it but we do not. Some of us will be able to afford vacation homes while others of us will have to save up to take a vacation.

But the important thing is you love your job and that you contribute to the greater good of society.

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