Sep 072003
Authors: Carmen Filosa

Students tired of being spammed may be able to seek refuge in Spam Assassination, new software that eliminates unwanted e-mail from student accounts and frees up space in e-mail accounts.

The Academic Computing and Network Service (ACNS) introduced this new software and will be holding two meetings this month for students to learn how to use Spam Assassination and better manage their e-mail accounts, said Linda McNamara, associate director of ACNS.

Spam or unsolicited commercial e-mail has become a problem for CSU e-mail accounts because the large quantities of e-mail take up too much space, according the ACNS Web site.

E-mail accounts that take up too much space can result in deletion of new legitimate e-mails.

According to the ACNS Web site, CSU does not give out addresses to spammers. Spammers are able to find E-mail addresses through a variety of ways including buying them from other spammers, or random guesses and other Web sites to take advantage of the cheap advertisement value e-mail provides.

As the spam problem increases so might the need for prevention software.

“Spam Assassination is a noteworthy spam protection software,” McNamara said.

She said ACNS made the Spam Assassination program available this fall because of successful pilot runs of the program last summer and because Spam Assassination provides their services free of charge.

“The price was right,” McNamara said.

Students wishing to activate Spam Assassination can go to ACNS’s Web site at

Once ACNS identifies all the questions about the new software, McNamara said they plan to advertise the new software and encourage students to take advantage of Spam Assassination.

Though the new software identifies e-mail that is spam, it does not delete the messages for students, McNamara said.

“We encourage students to clean out their e-mail folders,” she said.

Dillon Cowan, a junior civil engineering student, said he currently does not have a spam-blocking program for e-mail but he uses filters to monitor his e-mail.

“I would use (Spam Assassination) if it works,” Cowan said.

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