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Sep 032003
Authors: Collegian Staff

It was pretty upsetting to see our beloved Rams on the football field lose at Saturday’s big game, but when you play sports, it is something you have to prepare for.

But CSU’s marching band was not prepared to be harassed, to have beer thrown at them and to be assaulted by University of Colorado fans.

Before the game as the band was headed into the stadium, shameless CU fans assaulted and harassed band members. The worst of the harassment resulted in a band member and faculty member being struck in the back of the neck and face, respectively.

We do not give CU fans too much credit in appropriate behavior (can anyone say riots?) but Saturday night’s action is inexcusable. Harmless bantering and bragging is one thing, but harassing and assaulting band members or anyone is crossing the line.

Marching bands come to games rain or shine solely to provide entertainment and school spirit. They are sports’ unseen cheerleaders and people rarely give them the attention they deserve – us included.

We hope those guilty of these actions are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and if there were five or more fans involved…isn’t there a riot law in Colorado?

These particular CU fans clearly show they have no class and unfairly enforce CU’s reputation of being out-of-control.

Our marching band works extremely hard to bring quality shows to games and competitions and were completely innocent bystanders in this case.

We hope this does not discourage our Rams with instruments from doing the very best of what they can at future sporting events.

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