First Impressions for All

Sep 022003
Authors: Justin Goldman

I was a miniscule chunk of the green and gold automotive Diaspora that took place on Saturday. I was part of the grinding metal exodus through the torrential downpour and sloth-like Denver traffic. But unlike my CSU companions, my trip extended past INVESCO Field.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the big game to partake in my cousin’s wedding in Colorado Springs. This was something I had no way out of, no chance of skipping. As the bitterness started to sink into my skin, luck turned up on my side as the open bar offered a nice big-screen TV that, along with my eyes, was glued to ESPN.

What a sour taste Saturday has. But let me tell you how meaningless it is to dwell even one more second on what happened in the final minutes. The game is over and it was a spectacular one. We lost and there is nothing we can do about it.

What matters now is that CSU faces California for the first time ever on Saturday and the Rams have business to take care of. What matters now is that there were loads of good things that I saw in the reconstructed Ram’s team that made me smile and say to myself, “It’s going to be a great season.”

You have to be optimistic, to think completely positively, even when the final score is not what you wanted, otherwise the confidence level goes down.

Marcus Houston’s 104-yards rushing made me confident. Bradlee Van Pelt’s 339-yards passing made me confident. Chris Pittman’s 144-yards receiving made me confident, and Sonny Lubick is making me even more confident.

This resulted in a game I was impressed with, especially since the Rams and the Buffs scored more combined points Saturday than in the past six seasons. I could not believe the quarterback battle we all had the opportunity to witness, which helped to ease the pain of losing.

Nevertheless, this all comes down to first impressions for me. It was the first game of the football season, first week of classes, first column, first bitter taste of defeat. But only good can come from this weekend and everyone should look ahead to the bright future. One that should only be quickly glanced at because staring at it would simply blind you.

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