A view from the stands

Sep 012003
Authors: Luke Cornish

This being my super senior year (that’s fifth year for you newbies), I decided to forgo the comfort and warmth of the press box to hang out with the die-hards in section 529. This is my account of the game.

It started off with arriving at the game three hours early for the obligatory tailgate/trash talking session. It started to rain. For a while the rain was fun and then it just became wet and annoying so I sought shelter from a nearby bridge.

There was a mixture of Ram fans and Buff fans but the CSU students definitely were the loudest singing the fight song and chanting “Dirty Hippies . . .” well, you know the rest. After a few little scuffles broke out, the police encouraged fans to make their way to the game and, for the most part, they did.

So I joined 76,219 fans in entering Invesco Field, that’s a record for the stadium and for a college football game in Colorado. I made my way up to the nosebleeds a little wet but full of excitement.

The fans were going wild leading up to the kickoff, the atmosphere was electric and everyone was in high spirits as the sun came out and everyone started drying off.

Although we were as high as you can get in the Mile-High stadium, the view of the game was really quite good and I settled down and resigned myself to losing my voice. The game started and Van Pelt gave the Rams an early lead.

I thought I might burst an eardrum as the crowd erupted and started jumping up and down wildly trying to give each other high fives but missing more often than not. We were in for a good game and the taunting began.

Then it all fell apart in the second quarter as the Buffs 28-point rally effectively silenced the crowd and sent us disappointed and unoptimistic going into halftime. I decided to wander around the stadium to see if I could catch up with any of my other friends who had got better tickets from the ticket line stampede a week earlier.

I ran into senior Nate Rehm on level 1 which struck me as strange since we had lined up for tickets together and he should have been sitting next to me. I asked him where he was sitting.

“Anywhere I want,” Rehm replied while showing me his mutilated ticket that was turned to pulp by the rain and completely illegible. “I’ve been kicked out of three sections. I’m coming with you now.”

We made our way towards the ramp to return to the fifth level but the game started and we stopped to watch a play on one of the televisions. Lucky we did since it was a 38-yard touchdown pass from Van Pelt to Chris Pittman and suddenly we were back in the game.

Unable to control his excitement, Rehm picked me up and held me above his head. It worked for a while then the balance seemed to shift and we both fell onto the concrete with a crash.

We went up to watch the rest of the game with our hopes suddenly uplifted and the possibilities endless. The Buffs scored again and then the rain delay sent many people home.

The rain didn’t stop one girl from staying and leading the crowd in cheers. Senior statistics major Desiree Bailey was in the front row and never had any intention of leaving the game.

“It’s the Rams,” Bailey said. “I’m proud to be a Ram, I got here at one in the rain and I’m staying here.”

Two drunken CU fans came into our section and were trying to start trouble but the police swiftly took them away. The rest of the game was filled with excitement but ultimately disappointment as I watched the Rams lose my last Rocky Mountain Showdown as a CSU student.

However, tears were brought to my eyes because as the Ram fans were exiting the stadium a chant of “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram” broke out and drowned out the celebrating of the victorious Buffs.

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