No more activity cards

Aug 242003
Authors: Natalie Plowman

For returning CSU students this fall, a change has occurred that will affect the way students get tickets to athletic events and board Transfort buses.

The university has decided to discontinue the use of student activity cards, which were used in the past as bus passes for the Transfort bus system and for athletic event ticket distribution.

“The activity card was used for athletic ticket distribution, as a Transfort bus pass and in a variety of other areas where it was necessary to verify that a student was paying full student fees,” said Brandi Johnson, marketing director for the Associated Students of CSU, in an email interview. “The university chose to discontinue activity cards for a variety of reasons. One reason has been the budget cuts made it less attractive to print and mail the cards.”

Instead of the cards, the university will distribute Transfort bus passes and students will receive athletic tickets by showing their student identification cards.

Bus passes will be available today in the Lory Student Center through the Campus Information Services with a valid ID. Student fees pay for unlimited Transfort use and students will not have to pay to get their passes.

The new method could be a change for students who are used to using the activity cards. Some students think it is a good idea to get rid of the activity cards.

“People (would) lose them and rip them,” said senior Michelle Gurule, a speech communications major.

Johnson agreed that using ID cards will be more efficient because they will not fall apart as easily.

“It will be more convenient to use the student ID for these areas, particularly because the card is much more durable than the activity card,” Johnson said. “On the other hand, there will be a definite adjustment period for students who are used to the activity cards and picking up athletic tickets in a variety of venues. Eventually, everyone will get used to the new system.”

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