Move it or lose it

Aug 242003
Authors: Steve Latuda

It’s time for our CSU Rams to start thinking big. No, not about the game against CU or the volleyball tournaments on the horizon – I want everyone at CSU to think about leaving our beloved Mountain West Conference and moving to the Big 12.

The time is now. With the University of Miami, and Virginia Tech taking their toys and going from the Big East to the ACC, it is time for CSU to start doing what every other non BCS school is doing: finding a way into the BCS picture.

East Carolina wants to move into the Big East. Now if East Carolina can play in the Big East, I have no doubts that CSU can run in the Big 12.

With all the problems at Baylor right now, and the lackluster years that their football and both men’s and women’s basketball teams have had, why not CSU. Baylor’s football teams have won a total of 11 games in the last five years. Yes 11. The Rams won 10 just last year and 43 in the last five.

So why the Rams? Well, let old Uncle Stevie tell you why.

The Big 12 would automatically get a boost of interest with having another state with two or more teams in the league. If the Rocky Mountain Showdown isn’t considered a rivalry by some people right now, I am not one of those people, then it sure will be considered one when it is a league game. The state of Colorado would join Texas, which has three teams, Oklahoma, which has two teams, and Kansas, also with two teams, as having two or more teams from the state in the conference.

Playing in the Big 12 would also give the not only the Rams, but the town of Fort Collins a boost economically due to who would be coming into Fort Collins to play.

If we were to take Baylor’s schedule this year, the Rams would be hosting the likes of UAB, SMU, Sam Houston State, CU, Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Now tell me fans of those teams, especially Texas, don’t follow their teams like dead heads followed Jerry Garcia.

Finally the Big 12 would also help CSU land a lot of big recruits. Men’s basketball coach Dale Layer already has his hand dipped into the talent pool in the state of Texas, so the move would draw a lot of bigger named athletes to Fort Collins for a chance to play in a power conference.

Why not the Rams? Well let’s take a look.

With every upside there are some downsides. The Ram boosters and supporters would need to start donating a lot more money if we want to stay competitive. Even with the generous donation the Rams just received, we would not be competitive for too long. Money talks and we all know what walks.

The Big 12 would also have to rearrange the leagues. They would have to place CSU into the North and put either Iowa State or Missouri into the south division to replace Baylor.

But all in all I think the pros outweigh the cons.

The Rams would be okay this year in football, but in basketball, both men’s and women’s, they would take a hit. The volleyball team, I believe, would hold its own.

If the football team were to play Baylor’s schedule, they would beat North Texas (barely) and Kansas (easily) on the road. At home they would take care of UAB, SMU, Sam Houston State, CU (it doesn’t matter where we play these guys this year) and slip by pass-happy Texas Tech. That leaves us losing at Texas A&M (hardly anyone wins at College Station), Kansas State (possible National Champions this year) and Oklahoma (see Kansas State). At home the only teams that would come into Hughes and beat us would be Texas (see Kansas State and Oklahoma) and Oklahoma State (very good team this year). Not bad. With those outcomes CSU would finish with seven wins and five losses. That means we would be bowl eligible.

So act now fellow Ram fans because if we don’t in seven years we’ll be stuck in the Mountain West watching the likes of TCU playing in the Big 12 championship.

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