Aug 202003
Authors: Natalie Plowman

For new, incoming students who are still unclear about how their residence hall operates concerning anything from food services to appliances, the following information may be very useful:

Q: What if I’m looking for food on campus after the cafeterias close down? Is anything open?

A: R & D Pizza and Pasta al’Strada, located at Parmelee and Braiden, are open from 7 to11 p.m Sundays through Thursdays. Calzones, pizzas and pasta entrees are available, according to

Q: What if I’m a vegan? Is there any place on campus I can find vegan dishes?

A: Yes, Sidestreet Vegan/Vegetarian Bar offers all vegan dishes, and is located in Braiden and Durrell’s dining areas, says

Q: What exactly does my resident assistant do?

A: “I’m here as a resource for residents, if they have any questions they can come to me,” said junior Casey Forrestal, a resident assistant in Braiden hall. Forrestal also said, “going and talking to the RA is helpful.” They are there as a resource and can help students with problems or concerns. A smaller portion of their job consists of policy enforcement. They are there for security purposes and safety.

Q: What happens if I’m caught drinking in my room or in another dorm?

A: “If I hear something or I see something I would usually call another RA in if it’s a big party,” Forrestal said. Forrestal went on to explain that the RA would check identification and then have the people who were caught drinking pour the alcohol out. If the persons involved refused to cooperate, measures to call in the CSU Police Department for enforcement may be taken.

Q: Am I allowed to have guests up? Are there any requirements?

A: Guests are welcome as long as their visit is not violating any of the floor residents, roommates or suitemates’ rights. Each meal plan (A, B and C) includes 20 guest meals.

“Nonresident guests are welcome in the residence halls provided they adhere to university policy during their visit. You are responsible for the conduct or misconduct of any guests in your room, resident or nonresident. Overnight guests are permitted as long as that is acceptable to your roommate and they stay no longer than two consecutive nights,” according to

Q: What’s with the electronic access key that has to be scanned at pretty much every door?

A: Extra security measures have been taken to prevent people from getting in who should not be in the dorms, so guests must always be escorted by a resident when the doors are locked. Students are discouraged from propping doors open for the same reason. Sophomore Brian Starbuck, a sociology major, moved in to Braiden Hall earlier this week.

“Hauling in all my stuff through the locked doors” was a problem, Starbuck said.

Q: Am I allowed to have any type of pet in my dorm room?

A: “Except for fish in aquariums, pets are not allowed,” according to

Q: Are there any major appliances not permitted that I should be aware of?

A: Halogen lamps are not allowed due to the potential fire hazard, waterbeds are not acceptable and painting dorm rooms is not tolerable.

“We have a handbook that has all the rules and regulations,” said Susan Gloeckner, office manager of Corbett Hall. Students received these in the mail this summer, but they will also be available during check-in today.

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