Aug 062003
Authors: J.J. Babb

This weekend over 1,038 people showed up to grab one of the 320 sofas rounded up at the Great Sofa Roundup.

The roundup held Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Moby Arena, succeeded in beating last year’s sofa roundup number by over 100.

Out of the 320 sofas about 70 were thrown away because they could not be given away due to their condition, according to Cree Bol, community liaison for CSU and the City of Fort Collins.

“But almost 250 have had people who are psyched to get them,” Bol said.

The event was organized as a collaborative effort by CSU’s Off-Campus Student Services, CSU Police Department, Facility Management and the City of Fort Collins and was assisted by the Fort Collins Fire Department.

“It’s a big collaborative thing,” Bol said. “Half the people are from the city and half are from CSU.”

The roundup raffles each sofa off, and also arranged for 70 curbside sofa pickups for those unable to deliver them to Moby Arena.

“Part of it here is we’re taking something someone doesn’t want and giving it to someone who is really psyched to get it,” Bol said.

From families and community members to students, everyone had a chance to enter in the raffle to win a needed sofa.

“(We came) to get a couch. It helps those who really need them and some of these are in really good condition,” said community member Marilyn Martin.

Jamison Warren, an education leadership graduate student, thought the raffle was a good idea.

“It seems really fair, it’s a chance to get lucky,” Warren said.

The event has been held twice a year in the past but has now been moved to once a year at the beginning of August when most leases end.

“We plan to do it every year so people can sort of plan on it next year,” Bol said.

Not only does the sofa roundup give unwanted sofas to those needing them, but also it lowers the risk of street bonfires, the unsightly appearance of junk sofas on porches and lessens tensions between students and neighbors, according to Bol.

“Less sofas equals less bonfires,” Bol said.

Volunteer and junior history major Bonnie McBride spent Saturday helping out at the roundup as part of the Fort Collins Fire Department.

“I actually needed a couch,” McBride said of why she volunteered. “It was a good way to come and get a couch.”

Warren also makes the point it keeps good sofas out of the landfill.

“(I came for the) free couches,” Warren said. “It’s keeping them off the street and out of the dump.”

Bol explains that many of the couches brought in were in great shape or almost brand new, while a few were not even worth raffling off or giving away.

“Part of the fun here is you’ll never know what will come in next.” Bol said.

For more information on next year’s Sofa Roundup please contact Cree Bol at Off-Campus Student Services at 491-6707.

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