Jun 242003
Authors: Colleen Buhrer

At the end of April Fort Collins adopted a nuisance hotline as a resource for residents concerned about their neighbors and/or neighborhoods.

Fort Collins residents can call 416-2200 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to reach a City Streets Department employee. There are always one to three people on duty, said Larry Schneider, streets superintendent.

After hours and on weekends residents can leave a message on a recorded information system that will get to the correct mailbox and be dealt with as soon as possible.

“It’s always been a priority to keep our community clean and safe, and our citizens are the best people to help us do that,” said John Fischbach, Fort Collins city manager, in a press release. “Unfortunately, sometimes it was confusing for people to try and figure out which department they should call to report problems or ask questions. The Nuisance Hotline makes it simple by providing a quick and convenient ‘one-stop shop’ for reporting problems.”

The things residents can report range from more than three unrelated people living in one housing unit to inoperable vehicles or parking on lawns to industrial noise.

“We wanted to make it user friendly,” Schneider said. “People found they can get a good response.”

The hotline receives anywhere from eight to 10 calls every day and seems to have been well-received, Schneider said.

Types of problems reported to the Nuisance Hotline

* more than three unrelated persons living in one housing unit

* concerns about the safety of rental units

* work being done without a permit

* neighborhood disputes

* wood smoke, weed, rubbish or sidewalk snow violations

* inoperable vehicles or parking on lawns

* industrial noise

* storm water pollution

* public nuisance violations

* noise violations

* barking dogs

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