Apr 222003

To the editor:

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the CSU student body. The state government’s Long Bill effectively cut total state appropriations by 8.4 million dollars (Memorandum to the University Community; Albert C. Yates).

This translated into a 6.5% general fund reduction to the FY03 budget. The students should be in an uproar. The state government is currently in the process of cutting financial aid funding. This would drastically affect all students by raising tuition and reducing merit & need-based financial aid. It would also mean a general decrease in student services due to budget cuts, since the university has pledged to honor promised financial aid.

I implore the students of CSU to write letters to Governor Bill Owens in protest to this attack on higher education. Letter writing campaigns are an effective means by which citizens can express their views to their government.

By reducing our budget for higher education, Governor Owens endangers the future of Colorado, by attacking the pillars upon which our democratic society depends – the ability to think independently. We can influence our government’s education policy by expressing our dissatisfaction.

The address for the governor’s office is:

Governor Bill Owens

136 State Capitol

Denver, CO 80203-1792

It is our civic duty, as members of the CSU community, to resist this attack on our education. Please take a stand.

John Juzbasich


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