No financial aid: Too bad

Apr 222003

To the Editor:

This is in regards to James Whitmire’s comments in Monday’s story entitled “Financial aid cuts likely.”

Cry me a river. No, it’s not just the title of one of the worst songs ever, but also my reaction to the news that financial aid rewards will be reduced and people like Whitmire will actually have to get a job. These rewards should have been the first cost reduction before other educational cuts. I feel little sympathy for those who will have to stop playing frisbee golf all afternoon, or who can’t sleep until 3 p.m. with their hangover.

Grow up, get a job, contribute to your education. When someone mentions government waste, I think of a girl I know who uses free college money to buy a car, pay her rent, take a trip to Vegas, spend hundreds of dollars a month on name brand clothes, and “work” maybe three hours a week on work study. Oh, and then there’s going to class. Maybe.

Meanwhile, there are those of us who have to work 30 hours a week and take out enormous loans just to struggle through school. I applaud the House and Senate for reducing these rewards. However, I criticize them for not doing it sooner, and to an even greater extent.

Now the question becomes whom do I feel more sorry for, Justin Timberlake for only having his millions without Britney, or Mr. Whitmire for having to get a job?

Jacob Seybert

Senior Psychology

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