Apr 132003

To the Editor:

Columnist Monica Owens was right on target with her article on Friday. The two actors I most wish would stop political rhetoric are Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan. If actors like these and their brethren would stop toeing the party line then this country would be a much better place.

All sarcasm aside for the moment, I think actors should be commended for speaking their minds. The constitution does not guarantee freedom of speech for those who have a college degree, but freedom of speech for everyone.

As citizens they should be encouraged to speak their minds, and as a citizen I am free not to listen to them. To say that anti-war actors are uneducated shows bias. An example is Janeane Garofalo, who is very outspoken against the war. She is a graduate from University of Providence in Rhode Island.

I concede that it is impressive that President Bush is a Yale graduate. However, I don’t think it would be very hard to graduate from Yale, with a “C” average, and as a history major. Not to mention he did poorly in political science and economics. He earned only a 73 in Introduction to the American Political System and a 71 in Introduction to International Relations.

His business career was even more lucrative. When he was an official of an oil company in the early 1990s his education didn’t prevent the company from going bankrupt.

As for his military career, I would personally like to thank President Bush for protecting the Texas coast from the Vietcong. Thankfully he was there protecting us, instead of going to Vietnam to fight in the real war at the time. Not only did he not fight in the war, but he also went AWOL for over the last six months of his military service.

The point is that everyone in this wonderful country of ours should have the right to speak his or her mind. It’s not the actors who speak their minds who are at fault here. It’s the people who listen to actors, political figures, and others without asking questions.

Don’t trust what people say just because you read it. Look it up, participate. Don’t complain about the system. Change it.

Brian Zimpfer

Sophomore Computer Science

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