Apr 072003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

A panel of students from the CSU Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services was scheduled to speak at Elizabeth High School Monday.

The presentation about respect and diversity for all people was originally scheduled to be part of an all-student assembly. Due to mounting pressure from the public, the student council rescheduled the event to a non-mandatory evening date.

A member from the student council called the GLBTSS to speak during the school’s respect week, which focuses on bringing in different speakers to speak about respect for people of society.

“The council was pretty upset,” said James McAvoy, a teacher and adviser of student council.

The student council felt a need to have the GLBTSS discuss the issue of respect toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender portion of society.

“There is a need of respect for that group of society,” McAvoy said.

He said there are some students who fail to show respect and are casual with their language concerning homosexuality.

Originally, the student council had made the event non-mandatory by offering permission slips to students and parents who did not want to attend the event. With a parent’s signature, students would be exempt from attending the assembly.

R.C., a sophomore math major from GLBTSS, said the hour-long presentation would incorporate respect and diversity and would include involvement from two to four student speakers from CSU.

An alternate date has not yet been decided on.

“For us, it’s a disappointment,” R.C. said about the rescheduling.

The presentation will be broken into two parts addressing respect and diversity and providing a question and answer forum.

“I have a commitment to diversity,” R.C. said. “Especially being that it’s diversity week.”

The speaker’s bureau will attempt to attend the school at a later date and the student council is considering May as an option.

“Whether in the evening or day our speaker’s bureau is going to try to attend,” she said.

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