Mar 252003

To the Editor:

On Tuesday morning, a march protesting the war took place at CSU’s Oval. This march eventually met up with a civil disobedience action that was located at the cross streets of Prospect and College, which blocked traffic for two hours.

The idea of the civil disobedience was to send the message to the residents of Fort Collins that business should not be as usual while the lives of many innocent Iraqis are being taken. I want to thank the Fort Collins Police Department for making sure that the war protest went as smoothly as it did.

Unlike the police officers I encountered at last month’s Colorado Springs protest, the Fort Collins police were very cooperative. They were patient and understood what we were there for, and did their best to meet our needs, while keeping the safety of the community in mind.

The efforts they made in making sure that the tradition of peaceful protest was upheld are appreciated.

Courtney Harwell

Junior, Journalism

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