Mar 252003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

The Annual Housing Fair welcomed students searching for a place to live with a hometown western feel Tuesday.

The event, themed “Home on the Range,” featured houses and apartments for rent, City of Fort Collins representatives and representatives from many campus organizations. Most representatives were dressed in old west d/cor to promote the theme.

Cree Bol, the community liaison between the City of Fort Collins and CSU, said they were shooting for an all-time record attendance this year. Last year’s event brought about 21,000 people.

“It’s been a great turn-out,” Bol said. “There’s a lot of freshman and there’s some students that come every year.”

Chris Wood, a sophomore civil engineering student, said the fair was very beneficial in his search for a home.

“We’re looking for big houses,” Wood said. “People have been really helpful, and there’s lots of free stuff to keep us interested.”

Apartment and housing booths handed out a variety of freebies. Shot glasses, highlighters, T-shirts, key chains and even free rent were available.

Craig Zimmerman, owner and manager of S&Z Investments, was prepared to shower students with information and pictures about homes he has for rent. He thinks it is important for students to decide whether they would like to live in a house or an apartment.

“I think the one thing is that because they get this information they can decide what style of living they want to have,” Zimmerman said. “They have a chance to look at option of renting a house compared to the option of renting an apartment.”

Steve Carlyle, manager of SunRay Place Apartments, said there are advantages and disadvantages to living in apartments or houses.

“There’s pros and cons to both,” Carlyle said. “Of course with an apartment, there’s no yard to take care of or snow to shovel.”

CSU Student Legal Services offered services to students to ensure they would not get in over their heads with the legal lingo in their leases.

“We want to make sure leases are legal and fair,” said Student Legal Services Office Manager Valerie McIntyre. “We point out any clauses that could cause students problems down the road.”

Bol agreed with this philosophy of educating students about what they are getting into. She focused more on the aspect of educating students about city ordinances once they get into a house or apartment.

“We want people to know what the rules are so if they get in trouble they know why,” Bol said.

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