Mar 242003
Authors: Remi Young

The Associated Students of CSU Funding Board allocated $4,800 March 6 to the Natural Resource College Council for their Natural Resource Days event that will take place next month.

SALAM, a student organization to help educate students about Arabic culture, revised two of their requests that had been denied by the board earlier this month. They were allocated approximately $3,000 to bring two Middle Eastern guest lecturers.

The board also allocated $2,300 to the Student Organization for Visual Arts to bring a guest artist, Mary Vernon, to their undergraduate visual arts exposition.

The Palestinian Student Association was also granted $3,500 for a series of programs they will be hosting to educate students about Palestinian culture.

In addition, the funding board allocated $6,116 Monday to the Campus Women’s Alliance for their event, ” Take Back the Night.” This international, annual tradition of marching and rallying for women’s rights will host several guest speakers and musical performances.

An amount of $133.79 was granted to the “Moments in Engineering at CSU” magazine for their edition that will be presented to incoming freshman next fall to inform them about what the engineering program has to offer.

The board also allocated $1,491 to the Third Culture Diversity organization for their Multi-Cultural Dance Festival that will help get rid of cultural stereotypes that people may hold and to promote cultural awareness.

Finally the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Student Services was allocated $2,477.50 for their event to promote a safe environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students.

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