Mar 232003

To the Editor:

I am told to “support our troops” now that war has begun. I say, it all depends on what you mean. I want our troops out of harm’s way. I support them in their right to choose the military, their feeling that they are doing their patriotic duty, and in their thinking that they are doing good.

But I don’t support them for what, at the president’s orders, they are doing in Iraq. I oppose their hostile entering of a country without UN support. I don’t support them in their killing of Iraqis, both soldiers and innocent civilians. And I oppose them in their inevitable destroying of at least some infrastructure and resources that will lead to miseries in the future.

Please don’t look at me strangely if I can’t unqualifiedly agree with that. But, of course, all citizens can and should support our troops.

Neil Wollman,

Psychology Professor, Manchester College

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