Mar 202003
Authors: Vince Adams

There is an image attached to a poster I have seen many times lately.

It has a picture of this pretty young Muslim woman, presumably an Iraqi. Her face is slightly down, her eyes sadly looking toward the camera out of the top of her eyes. She has a white scarf tied around her head.

She has the same appeal and charm in that picture as the infamous “Afghan Girl.”

Above her face – and it seems her eyes are looking straight at it – are words that ask the viewer, “(A)re you willing to kill her to get Saddam?”

The war is about this woman and other Iraqis.

We started the long-anticipated war against Iraq Wednesday night after American forces seized an opportunity to decapitate the snake that is Saddam Hussein, his sons and his regime.

The poster’s message is correct in assuming this war is partially about the Iraqi people, but its premise is wrong.

The poster’s premise is that the reckless United States forces will destroy everything in their way toward disarming Saddam and Iraq.

As early stages of the war have proven, the U.S. is doing all it can to avoid killing the innocent. We have refugee aid and shelter ready, and saving innocent lives is one reason we sought to decapitate Iraqi leadership. End the war immediately and before innocent lives are in danger.

This poster attempts to convince people this is a war against the Iraqi people. This is not a war against the Iraqi people.

Iraqi citizens will only die because Saddam will, and have, put them in harm’s way.

Plus, Saddam’s regime and failure to obey disarmament put citizens in harm’s way. And let’s not forget the countless murder’s Saddam’s Iraqi regime has committed against its own people.

Saddam is the danger to the woman on that poster and all Iraqis, not the United States.

The people in Iraq want to be liberated, even if they don’t quite understand what that means.

Many Iraqi soldiers near the Kuwaiti border have already surrendered and there are reports thousands more plan to surrender, including some from Iraq’s elite Republican Guard. U.S. and the coalition expect many, many more surrendering troops.

These people don’t want to fight for Saddam. They don’t want to die for Saddam. They want freedom from Saddam and they know that is why the United States is there.

The war is also about freedom for us all.

Saddam is a snake and a cancer to world peace. If he were to be left to his own vices, he would destroy the world and claim it as his own.

The main debate over whether we should invade Iraq has been about whether the world community has exhausted all diplomatic efforts.

They were exhausted years ago.

Saddam would only let inspectors in after force was threatened. He would only destroy forbidden weapons after deadlines were set. And now that the war has begun, Iraq has used SCUD missiles, missiles the country wasn’t even supposed to have under the often-debated UN resolution passed after the 1991 Gulf War.

Saddam only responds to force. He brought this war to us; we did not bring it to Iraq or its people.

When his regime is over, you, me, the Iraqi woman in the picture and everyone on earth will be more free than we were before March 19, 2003.

The war is necessary. The real concern should be over what to do with Iraq after the war.

The United States needs to put a strong government in place after we leave because if we leave Iraq in shambles and let its people suffer, then resentment against the United States in that region will grow and Sept. 11, 2001, will happen again, but on a much larger, deadlier scale.

We must build stronger what we destroy, and that doesn’t mean buildings, it means building relationships in the area.

We must not appear to be occupying Iraq. We must make sure the word knows we are there to liberate the world and the Iraqi people, which is something the Bush administration has failed to do thus far considering the many people who believe the premise of the poster I described earlier and the notion we are in Iraq for oil.

If we wanted to kill people, we would simply invade and conquer, not liberate. If we wanted oil, we would have taken it years ago and would have probably used other means considering Saddam sets the oil ablaze when his back is against the wall.

This war is about the people of Iraq, the people of the United States and the people of the world.

War should always be avoided, but peace should always be sought. Sometimes it takes war to achieve peace. It sometimes takes a surgical knife to get rid of cancer.

Let’s hope this war ends soon so we can move on to the real challenge: providing peace and freedom to people who don’t know what either is.

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