Mar 202003
Authors: Kyle Endres


After war with Iraq began Wednesday night, opinions from the CSU community varied as much as those of the nations involved.

Some people on campus feel the United States rushed into the war too soon and others feel military action against Iraq is necessary.

“(The war is) going to influence the relations between the U.S. and other countries, and not necessarily in a good direction,” said Pascal Ducept, a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry. “It’s too late to stop the war, the only thing we can hope is that it’s going to be as short as possible. I’m really sad about what’s going on.”

Azra Jaganjac, a fulbright scholar’s visitor in chemical engineering, lived in Bosnia during the U.S. intervention and compares the current situation in Iraq to when Slobodan Milosevic was president of Yugoslavia.

“For those dictators, someone from the world who has the power and courage to say ‘that’s enough,’ for me that’s okay,” Jaganjac said. “People are suffering. Because of that, I am for the (U.S.) intervention.”

Michelle Wellman, a junior political science and sociology major, disagrees with the war and feels the actions of the Bush administration affect her as an American.

“Having this irresponsible leader that I didn’t vote for and most of us didn’t vote for guiding us does affect me in a personal way. I don’t feel secure in what our country stands for right now,” she said. “I do support our troops, but at the same time I feel they’ve been kind of duped into this war.”

Winsor Chen, a sophomore electrical engineering major, does not feel the Iraq war will affect his life very much.

“Even if we do worry about it, what can we do?” he said. “I will still go to school and do what I need to do.”

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