Mar 162003

To the Editor:

Wow, CSU has gotten pretty lame in the four years that I have been here. In the name of “increased safety,” this university has become paranoid.

I woke up yesterday to realize that soon disc golf will be gone from campus – forever.

Just like that. No discussion of possible alternatives, just a nice little article that states, “Sorry everyone, disc golf will be gone over spring break. Oh, and we’re making a new course. On a piece of deserted wasteland, void of trees, water, or any natural hazards – except for maybe Laramie-force winds.”

Why didn’t anyone let us know of this travesty earlier, and why on earth can’t the powers that be come up with some sort of compromise to keep the course here? For example, close the course between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays while school is in session.

Not my favorite solution, but it’s much better than destroying a campus landmark of 30-plus years. Or, as The Collegian editorial board recommends, reconfigure the course (specifically holes 8 and 9) to help discs stay out of the way of pedestrians.

Couple the loss of disc golf with the loss of overnight camping for CSU-CU tickets and requiring a retinal scan to have access to the dorms, and you have a completely different setting for college than when I was a freshman.

As the March 6 Our View stated, CSU is void of many traditions. Why do we keep destroying what little we have?

Jim Phebus

Senior Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism

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