Mar 162003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

What do you get when you mix green root beer, bagpipes, Irish dancing and a Celtic fiddler? The Association for Student Activity Programming’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration on the plaza.

ASAP’s celebration will also showcase Irish talent from CSU students and other community members today.

“It will be a lot better than previous years,” said Sarah Doyle, special events committee member for ASAP. “The first thing we have on our list is five bagpipers.”

The event began as brainstorming by ASAP members and bagpipes proved to be a ‘must have.’

“We were brainstorming ideas of what would be really cool,” Doyle said. “We broke it down to; if we could get bagpipers that would be awesome.”

The Fort Collins Pipe Band will be performing on the square around noon. The celebration will crescendo with a performance by Irish dancers and Celtic style fiddling.

“I’ve talked to two Irish dancers,” Doyle said. “The highlight will probably be dancing and bagpipes.”

ASAP sent out a Student FYI asking students with Irish talent to contribute to the festivities.

“We’re still working out the details but we’re pretty sure they are all going to be performing,” Doyle said.

Doyle said there will hopefully be a Playstation Two on the plaza for students to partake in competitions.

The event is geared towards celebrating the traditional aspects of Saint Patrick’s Day.

“Unfortunately, the holiday is associated with drinking, I associate it with a parade and bagpipes,” Doyle said. “It’s just a cool holiday and a fun tradition that a lot of people like.”

The Planning Activities Council will be hosting casino games on the plaza, said Kendra Olds, special events committee chair. For those feeling lucky, there will be a roulette wheel on the plaza. Winners may walk away with Frisbees and other great prizes.

Lucky Joe’s Si Dwalk Saloon, 25 Old Town Square, will be celebrating the holiday with Irish Dancers and an Irish menu.

Jen Coudron, a waitress and bartender said they are expecting a crazy day. The Bedlam Boy’s, a Celtic band, will be playing music starting around 3 p.m. and at 9 p.m. the Irish band Mamboli will be performing. Earlier in the day, Celtic dancers will be performing while onlookers can partake in Irish food.

The menu, which has been upgraded from previous years, will include corn beef cabbage, shepherds pie, Guinness stew, Irish nachos and leprechaun burgers.

Bennigan’s restaurant, 2203 S. College Ave., celebrated the upcoming holiday by hosting an Irish poker run Saturday.

Ian Foley, a host at Bennigan’s, said 200 Harley Davidson motorcyclists filled the restaurant.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “There were a lot of cool guy’s there.”

The restaurant was adorned with festive d/cor adding to the Irish spirit.

“It is completely decked out,” Foley said.

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