Senate commits to elections

Mar 052003
Authors: Zac Wiggy

The Associated Students of CSU Senate passed a bill allocating $8,000 to help establish a student organization resource room in the Lory Student Center. The resource room will allow student groups to use supplies such as markers and a poster printer for a cost of $10 per semester.

Although several senators expressed a desire to add ASCSU to the name of the room, the bill passed unanimously without adding the name.

The senate also passed a bill stating that it will set a goal of a 20 percent turnout in the upcoming ASCSU elections. This bill also passed unanimously.

Two new bills were presented to the senate. One bill would allow any registered student organization, including political and religious groups, to have the $10 resource room fee paid by ASCSU. In order to assure compliance with state law, this bill will most likely be changed in committee.

The other new bill required funds that are not used by the student funding board during one semester to carry over to the next. This bill is unlikely to generate debate, as these funds already roll over, and this bill simply puts current practice into the funding board’s bylaws.

ASCSU President David Bower said at the meeting that the university is expecting a budget cut of roughly $9.6 million and that these cuts will likely affect class sizes and the number of professors in future semesters.

Also at the meeting, ASCSU Parliamentarian Annie Gabel officially resigned at the request of Vice-President Jessica Chavez.

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