Mar 032003

To the Editor:

OK, this is the situation. There is this keg of powder. Call it dynamite; call it nuclear fission; call it what you want but you have to realize that if it blows it will cause death and destruction; fear and agony; pain and grief.

So, there is this powder keg, sitting there; and knowing what will happen if it goes off, what would you choose to do? Would you try to diffuse the possibility of it exploding; maybe open it up, carefully of course, dump the gunpowder in the sand and stir? I would not recommend this method for radioactive materials.

Or would you keep it, thinking you might someday need it? Certainly, you would not throw stones at it or put it near a fire. While you were deciding what you should do with this thing, you would certainly not want children, your own or others, to be threatened by the possibility its explosion. You would do everything possible to keep innocents out of harms way. Even so knowing, if this thing were to blow, there would be no avoiding the innocents.

Knowing that you can avoid the carnage, the bloodshed, the ripping of organs, the blistering of skin, the final, horrible separation of love one from loved one by murder known as war; would you seek to wage it?

Would you allow the fuse to burn? Ignite it?

Call it the solution to the problem? How does making a war make peace? How does setting off the powder keg help?

Joe Kissell

Fort Collins resident

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