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Authors: Cara Mason

The Construction Management Club donated a playhouse to the Early Childhood Development program here at CSU Friday. The playhouse is located in the playground west of the Gifford Building.

“We are flattered that the Construction Management Club decided to donate this house to the early childhood program,” said Linda Carlson, the assistant director of the Early Childhood Lab.

About 12 CSU students constructed the playhouse during the fall 2001 semester.

Ed Hurtubis, a construction management major, along with the rest of the Construction Management Club wanted to build something that could be used on campus.

“We wanted to make something for the children because we knew they would really appreciate it,” Hurtubis said.

The kids seemed to enjoy their new addition to the playground.

“Having a playhouse in the playground allows the children to learn how to cooperate and share. The children have turned the house into a fire house, jail and restaurant,” said Shanna Mongeon, a human development and family studies major.

The playhouse is equipped with a covered porch, a place to plant flowers and a half door so the staff can keep an eye on the kids while they are playing.

“We are also going to continue to add on to the playhouse as time goes on,” Hurtubis said.

Dennis Conway of Commercial Roofers, Inc. purchased the playhouse from the club in order for the club to financially benefit from the project. Carl Maxey of Maxey Truck and Trailer and Maxey Manufacturing also helped the club by donating his time and equipment.

The club will use that money to pay the way for them to go to the Associated Schools of Construction competition in Reno, Nev., and also help them go to the Construction Management Golf Classic.

There have not been many new aspects added to the playground since it was built about 30 years ago.

“This playhouse adds so much to the environment of the playground,” Carlson said. “We thank the Construction Management Club very much for donating this playhouse.”

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