To the Editor:

Feb 262003

I’m highly disappointed in what passed for headline news in the Feb. 25 Collegian. “War may delay graduation,” screamed the headline, leading off a story that good old-fashioned common sense would say is obvious. Reservists called to active duty in time of war or peace are typically unable to attend classes and therefore will not get credit needed for graduation.

I spent almost nine years on active duty serving this country, and was able to pick up a few hours at various colleges at night but had to drop many more classes because of the operational tempo my unit lived with on a daily basis. My stateside hours were typically 7 a.m. until the job got done, and although weekends were usually mine, I occasionally had to stand duty at the barracks or in the bomb dump getting ammo out to the pilots who, like me, worked weekends at the discretion of our Uncle Sam.

Working Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. was a luxury we could not afford and still get the mission done day in and day out. Off-duty education was hard to come by, and it only makes sense that enlisted Reservists called to active duty would not be able to complete their classes.

Our military men and women often feel ignored while doing their job every day, rain or shine. Reports of demonstrations denouncing them, such as the one held here Feb. 14 only reinforce that feeling of isolation.

These are men and women, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters out there protecting our rights to free speech but why not send them a ‘thank you’? Right now in Kuwait, a box of baby wipes and some waterless hand cleaner are like gold for deployed troops. Packets of Gatorade go a long way to mask the chemical taste of treated water.

A simple “thank you” can go a long way toward making their day. I know this, because while many of the students here at CSU were in 3rd and 4th Grade, they wrote those letters to me, a Marine on duty in Desert Storm.

Jim Langdon

Sophomore Criminal Justice

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