Feb 162003

To the Editor:

I walked around campus last week. I stepped on and across the chalked out callings for walking out of class in the name of peace, and saw the same message scribbled on every chalkboard. I have one simple thing to say for all of you who did this: Please, pull your heads out of your respective posteriors.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as opposed to going into war as the next fellow. I don’t like the Bush policies and the tactics and the political leveraging that is the real reason we find ourselves in this mess, but walking out of class? Oh, way to bring the government to its knees! I’m sure ol’ Dubya watched the extensive press coverage of the CSU walkout and began second-guessing himself.

All I ask is that people think about what they are doing and assess if that action will get the result they want. It’s the same question I want our government to ask itself. If they did, they would see that war would not decrease terrorism, but increase it. They would understand that war would not unite us with the world, but alienate us.

If you people asked yourselves that question, you’d realize that your little walkout was a joke. If you want to influence the process, march your happy little butts down to Washington, D.C. or the UN building and protest there, where your numbers can be seen.

Oh, wait, but then you couldn’t go out drinking and snuggling with your Valentine here in Fort Fun. Then you would actually have to have some dedication to the cause that you are supposedly championing.

Brian Sense

Political Science Senior

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