Feb 132003

To the Editor:

The motto states ‘in God we trust’. But hey, what if we don’t?

A bill headed for the house would require schools and public areas to post the motto for everyone to see.

What happened to the separation of church and state?

The text of the bill states that the motto is reminiscent on the founding father’s devout faith in God, and that the motto promotes patriotism. I hate to state the obvious here, but things have changed since then. Back in the time of the founding fathers, colonial people were often forced to attend church services, and were ostracized from the community if they lacked faith and belief in a Christian deity.

The motto itself was adopted in 1956 during a time when America was segregated and many people had limited rights, and should not remain an iconic motto for a modern society.

So after our society has evolved into one in support of religion – or lack thereof -why should we force a Christian slogan into progressive American schools?

A representative in support of the bill said the motto was as important to patriotism as the American flag. I am an admitted atheist, and I resent feeling like I need to be religious to show my love and support for my country and its soldiers.

Lisa Dryer

Junior Technical Journalism major

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