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To the Editor:

In response to the work of literary fantasy regarding affirmative action that was printed in the Collegian Letters (Wednesday, Feb. 12), I would like to suggest that Angelisa Hicks reserve the strong language from her letter for issues that she knows something about.

Ms. Hicks accuses both the editor and creator of a satirical cartoon of ignorance. Her explanation for this label is that the cartoon lacks factual integrity because, “quotas are illegal in this country.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Hicks, the cartoon says nothing at all about quotas. In the illustration, a white man with a perfect SAT score holds up a sign that reads, “15 points,” while a black man holds up a sign reading, “20 points.” This is not a statement about quotas. It is, however, a reference to actual events at the University of Michigan that are currently under review by the Supreme Court.

Under the affirmative action plan used by UM (and other schools and businesses), applicants are awarded points for different aspects of their lives, including test scores, G.P.A., home state, and, yes indeed, race.

While Ms. Hicks would like to believe that the practice does not alienate or give preference to any groups, the facts do not support this stance. If she would like people to stop “perpetuating the myth,” maybe schools and businesses should stop living it. Applicants will not be “evenly considered” until the question of race is removed from applications.

By the way, Angelisa, I’ve never seen a white “bum who never finished middle school become President of Intel,” either.

Josh Farmer

Junior Political Science

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