Feb 122003
Authors: Patrick Crossl, Kyle Endres

Police are looking for witnesses to a possible attack on a bicyclist from Dec. 4, similar to some The Collegian reported on in early February.

Fort Collins resident Erik Simmons, 30, was injured while riding his bicycle along Elizabeth Street at10 p.m. The incident, if deemed an assault, would continue a series of pedestrians being knocked off their bikes by passengers in cars, either with car doors or swung baseball bats.

Due to a receiving a serious head injury, Simmons does not currently remember the incident.

“At this time, he does not remember what happened to him, and we’re looking for anyone that might have witnessed the bicycle incident,” said Beth Daugherty, Simmons’ mother.

Fort Collins Police Services is searching for people who might have been in the vicinity of the incident and might have information about what happened.

“We don’t know what happened,” said Rita Davis, spokesperson for FCPS. “We know people were in the area.”

Though police remain unsure about the cause of the accident, Daugherty thinks that in light of recent assaults on bicyclists, it is a possibility her son was assaulted.

“For him to have just fallen and hit the curb, it seemed unlikely at the time,” Daugherty said. “I feel a distinct possibility that this could have been what happened to Erik in light of the recent news about the bicycle assaults.”

Drew Jurkofsky, the FCPS officer investigating the incident, said police are releasing more information in an attempt to find out the cause of Simmons’ injuries.

“We are trying to let out a little more information to see if this is related or not,” Jurkofsky said. “We are trying to identify people to peace together whether this really was an accident or related to other assaults.”

Judging by the injuries sustained, Jurkofsky said it is difficult to decipher the nature of the incident.

“Given the location and severity it is possible it could be either one,” he said. “They’re not the usual injuries you’d see with someone who’s fallen off their bike. We want to make sure for the family that this was either an accident or a criminal act.”

When paramedics arrived there were at least eight people on scene, and in an original report a person had indicated they thought there was a car involved, Jurksofsky said.

Police are targeting CSU students, hoping someone will come forward with information aiding in the search for details.

“I want to know exactly what they saw,” Jurkofsky said. “I need someone who was there who can give me an idea of what they saw.”

Daugherty is asking anyone who may have any information about the incident to contact the police. Jurkofsky can be reached at 221-6555.

“Presently Eric has no memory of the incident and we’re looking for anyone who either had witnessed, had information or was present to contact Drew,” she said. “More time is slipping by and it’s extremely important if somebody did see something.”

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