Feb 122003
Authors: Compiled Mike Santos, Amber Villani

DJs and Managers at Your Radio 90.5 KCSU

1. The truth, is you could slit my throat/and with my one last gasping breath/I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt – Taking Back Sunday

2. The storm is letting up but it won’t die/ if you weren’t wrong, was I?/your picture still remains but I wonder/are you still the same? – FINCH

3. So kiss me hard, ’cause this will be the last time that I let you/you will be back someday/and this awkward kiss/that tells of other people’s lips/will be of service to giving you away – Dashboard Confessional

4. I picked out your star/Turned night to day/A simple whisper from your voice/And I fade away/You wish for love/You pushed me away/Your love for me was everything I need/The air I breathe – The All-American Rejects

5. My gut is burning. Won’t you find me some water?/Hey, just forget it can you bring me gasoline/and collect a couple forks, hold them three feet apart/and wait for lightning to strike to burn me up?/Cause I don’t think that I’ve got the stomach to stomach calling you today. – Saves the Day

6. If you still care at all/don’t go tell me now/if you love me at all/don’t call – Jimmy Eat World

7. So don’t forget to kiss me if you’re really going to leave/Couldn’t you take the second bus home?/Couldn’t you just take me with you?/I’m convinced that you’re from Mars – The Promise Ring

8. Or I’m leavin’ today/I’ll say goodbye to my favorite face/Don’t wanna go, but I just can’t stay/And be treated, I won’t be treated this way – Plain White T’s

9. Don’t try to hide the mistakes I made this time/but please try and listen ’cause I’m breaking my heart tonight, so you can see what’s inside – The Rocket Summer

10. There we sat in a parked car trying to find the words. You held my hand and whispered a quote you heard somewhere. It was something about dying by my side, the pleasure would be all mine, you said softly. – The June Spirit

11. And your eyes must do some raining/if you’re ever gonna grow/And if crying don’t help,/you can’t compose yourself/it’s best to compose a poem – Bright Eyes

This list goes to 11…EMO RULEZ!


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