Feb 122003
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Mike Santos – Asst. Production Director

Atom and his Package – Attention! Blah Blah Blah

Atom and his Package is not just a clever name…well…okay, it is a clever name, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. This Philadelphia rocker’s latest installment Attention! Blah Blah Blah covers everything from the political (track 3’s “The Palestinians are Not the Same Thing as the Rebel Alliance, Jackass!”) to the ridiculous (track 4 “Does Anyone Else in the Room want to Marry His or Her Own Grandmother?”). In case you were wondering, the proverbial “Package” is Atom’s synthesizer, which plays a significant role on the album. The all-around musicianship is beyond compare and the liner notes are definitely something to laugh about. Attention! Blah Blah Blah was recently number 1 on KCSU’s Top 10 countdown. To miss out on this album, is to miss out on life.

Ryan Hoisington – KCSU Volunteer

Johnny Marr and the Healers – Boomslang

Johnny Marr is best recognized as the guitar hero behind the influential crybabies of British new wave, The Smiths. Sixteen years after The Smiths demise Marr has returned with his new group, The Healers, and his own variety of Brit pop wizardry. Boomslang starts off strong with the opening track “The last ride” which features Marr’s signature swirling guitars textured over the steady groove of the rhythm section. If its ear pleasing acoustic pop that tickles your temporal lobe “Down on the corner” should satisfy with its slow build of layered guitars, Marr’s smooth vocals and the nicely timed introduction of drums and bass. Marr’s vocals are rather tame throughout the album, yet aren’t bad. They lack the depth and color of former Smiths band mate Morrissey, but still fit comfortably amidst the rock solid instrumentation. Although Boomslang may not have the originality of Marr’s previous work, its still an enjoyable stamp album.

Kevin Rigotti- KCSU Volunteer

Brand New – Your favorite weapon

Planning on sitting at home dateless this Valentine’s Day? Why not share in your misery with Emo newcomers Brand New. Their debut CD Your Favorite Weapon is a perfect companion to sit around obsessing about past heartbreaks. Following the Emo tradition, Brand New has done nothing brand new when it comes to the subject of most of their songs: girls. Almost every song is about a girl and her careless handling of a fragile heart. While this subject is exhausted, the lyrics still show talent. And although Emo’s evil ex-girlfriend angle might seem worn, Brand New keeps it fresh by switching up their sound. Some of the songs contrasted so much it could have been a different band. This album is typical of other recent Emo bands, but Brand New’s unique style will please the ears of anyone who has a broken heart and doesn’t want to get over it.

John Holland – News Director

ZWAN – Mary Star of the Sea

Everyone knew Billy Corgan wasn’t done when the Smashing Pumpkins broke up. He has too much talent and he loves rock ‘n’ roll. That’s what this new ZWAN album is about. Corgan’s new band also features his old band mate Jimmy Chamberlain on drums, the combination that gave the Smashing Pumpkins their dynamic sound. However, this album is not just a new Pumpkins album with a different name. It’s what Corgan was aiming at with Machina, but never was able to do until he formed another band. “Endless Summer” is easily the most rock ‘n’ roll on the album but there are also ballads like “Of A Broken Heart” and “Heartsong” which make the album come full circle. As a huge Pumpkins fan, I didn’t think Corgan could do anything wrong and he just proved that with ZWAN.

Rebecca Rodriguez – Urban Director

Missy Elliot – Under Construction

If you take pride in the speakers in your car, you should own Missy Eliot’s new album Under Construction. Missy’s delivery continues strong throughout her career and hypnotic timbo beats certainly don’t hurt when you’re trying to fire up the masses.

No doubt you’ve seen videos for “Work It” and “Gossip Folks,” both videos featuring lots of adorably cute little kids who can dance better than you can. Missy takes us back to when hip hop was fun, when it was all a party, when it was for the children. Many of the beats are spliced with old school beats. Cameos over the hot throwback beats include Miss Jade from the Timbo beat club, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Beyonce, and 50 cent; queens, whattup.

There are only two masters of the boards on the album, one is the unstoppable indestructible demi-god, Timbo, all hail. Only a few songs are produced by Missy herself, and they cater to a more relaxing mood than the timberland tracks.

Gossiping folks lets not be haters. I guarantee at some point you’ll here a track that moves you, inquire about its origin, and the answer will come back, that’s Missy’s joint of the latest album. Whenever you want to move a lot of people in unison, this album would be good to have.

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