Political cartoon offensive

Feb 112003

To the Editor:

The Feb. 5 political cartoon regarding the white man with the sign that read 15 points, even though he had a perfect S.A.T score, and the black man whistling with 20 points, insinuating that he had more points because he was black.

I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I was to see that cartoon in my school newspaper. This is a clear indication of the ignorance of the creator, as well as the editor, because it seems that no research was done prior to sending this outrageous cartoon to the press.

Affirmative Action was a law put in place some decades ago, not to meet a quota, but to give women and minorities a chance to even be considered to apply for schools, jobs, homes, etc. It was not put in place to alienate the white man, or give preference to anyone. In fact, quotas are illegal in this country and, although companies and other institutions do look at the percentage of minorities in their community, this is not their main concern.

Furthermore, even when minorities do get high paying jobs, the struggle does not end there. There is a constant struggle for us to not only do the job, but to do it better. This is due to the ignorance that many share, in assuming that the job was not earned, but given because of the color of skin, or sexual preference, or any other deviation from the “norm.”

Cartoons like this not only perpetuate the myth, but fuel the ignorance of those who feel that I did not earn my position among them. This tactless and inappropriate demonstration of political satire deserves a public recantation. Moreover, it demands a public apology to the minority students and staff, as well as to the student body.

Affirmative action was also a counter move to what is still and always has been in existence, the white man in high places. The purpose of affirmative action was to break through the door of this exclusive “club”, to give others, who were just as capable, a chance to shine.

In reality, this country is still governed by white men. So until I see a black bum who never finished middle school become the president of Intel, spare me the story about the white man who got passed over for the job because of the color of his skin.

Angelisa Hicks

Senior Engineering

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