Feb 092003
Authors: Jason Graziadei


Welcome fans, to the sports wasteland that is February.

There is a void at the moment, and I know you know what I’m talking about. You can feel it on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You can feel it while scanning through every channel before turning off the tube. The sports world is in a bad spot right now, also known as the blackhole that comes after the Super Bowl.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I simply can’t bring myself to watch an entire regular season NBA game, or an NHL game for that matter. College basketball has its great game every now and then, but one can only get so excited over a buzzer beater before the postseason tournaments.

Opening Day in baseball is still a couple months away, and don’t pretend the NBA or NHL All-Star games are that entertaining. I mean, how fun is it to see nine guys going half-ass while Kobe Bryant tries as hard as he can to get the MVP trophy.

They’re pretty much meaningless exhibitions, although I did get a good laugh out of Jason Richardson bouncing the ball off Carlos Boozer’s head before nailing a three-pointer during the rookie-sophomore game on Saturday.

That was classless, Jason, but fun.

So until March Madness rolls around, the sports world is in a funk that reeks of NHL teams I’ve never heard of (Nashville has a team?!?), the Lakers getting back in the playoff hunt, and the Celtics gunning more threes than the rest of the NBA combined.

With football gone (and don’t think the Arena League will fill that void), and the rest of the professional and collegiate sports leagues crawling to the postseason at a snail’s pace, I’m suffering more than a dirty hippie at the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

So what can a feigning sports fan follow these days? There’s always the LeBron James saga, but that entails the inevitable guilt of realizing you’re paying to watch a high school game.

However, the crowds to watch this kid are regularly larger than the average crowd at Moby Arena for a college game. My question is, what the hell are those white things he puts on his arms? And the “King James” logo on all his gear is a little much for me.

I wonder if my mom could get a loan for a Hummer H2 based on my projected earnings as a sports journalist?

You know it’s gotten bad when all the sports shows were talking about the Michael Jackson interview instead of the Thursday night college basketball games last Friday. But man, is that guy off his rocker or what? No plastic surgeries, eh? Sure, Michael.

So my formula for surviving the dreadfully dull month of February is a steady dose of reality television. Guilty pleasures for sure, but you can’t deny the entertainment value of MTV’s “Battle of the Sexes,” “The Real World,” or the “Osbournes.”

They may not make up for the loss of the NFL on Sundays, but c’mon, what else are you going to watch in the wasteland?

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