Feb 092003

To the Editor:

On behalf of myself, and the members of Students as Leaders in Science (SALS), I am writing this letter in regards to the political cartoon published in Wednesday’s Opinion page.

Not only was the lack of explanation of the cartoon’s message shockingly absent, the stereotypical portrayal of “minorities” as less intelligent, mindless and lazy was offensive to African-American college students and other students of underrepresented populations.

Was The Collegian’s purpose in publishing the cartoon to highlight the current issues of Affirmative Action in admissions to the University of Michigan -and in turn, all public universities -which are presently being debated in the Supreme Court? If so, what the cartoon did not include are the examples of the other factors used in the point system such as being a resident of Michigan and having parents who are alumni.

Unfortunately the choice The Collegian made to publish the cartoon exposed the students of Colorado State University to a cartoon that expresses an ignorance and complete misrepresentation of the goals of Affirmative Action and its benefits, seeing that one of the largest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action Policy is white women.

Also, the implication that “minority” populations are only here because of their skin color and not their ACT/SAT score, intelligence and drive to succeed is appalling. This cartoon makes a mockery of underrepresented populations and the efforts that are taken to erase these misconceptions from the general population.

On a college campus that is committed to the promotion of diversity in the CSU community, we sincerely hope the message conveyed in this cartoon is not the opinion of The Collegian editorial staff.

Lisa Wolfe

Junior Biochemistry

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