New hall should have food

Feb 062003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

By 2004, CSU could see the first brand-new residence hall it has had since 1967, when the Towers were built.

Today, CSU officials will present a plan to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education detailing a plan for a 700-bed residence hall on Pitkin Street, where the ropes course is currently located. The new hall will be built in suite style, two rooms to one bathroom, and will feature air conditioning, something none of the other nine residence halls on campus have.

It will not, however, have a dining hall. To us, this seems like a potential detriment, because you will be unable to go downstairs to breakfast in your pajamas and slippers. Granted, there are four other residence halls with dining right across the street, but we would have put food over air conditioning, considering the fact that none of the other dorms have A/C. We wonder if the lack of a dining hall will detract from what otherwise sounds like a much-improved living experience.

CSU residence halls have, to be honest, become noticeably run-down over the last several decades. Compared to the University of Northern Colorado’s sparkling new residence halls just a few minutes away, the condition of our dorms could easily make or break a freshman’s decision to become a CSU Ram.

Groundbreaking was slightly delayed by a CCHE request to CSU to look into privatizing the building, meaning CSU students would be the sole occupants, but a private organization would own and run the building.

After researching options, CSU has decided to have a private company build the new hall, but will maintain ownership and run it just as they do the other residence halls. By using the private company, CSU will save $2.4 million.

To us, this seems like the best idea. If a private company were running the residence hall, they could potentially choose to change rules, like the rule of no drinking for those over 21 in the residence halls. By maintaining ownership, CSU can remain consistent in its rules and reduce overall complications.

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