Feb 042003

To the Editor:

In the Feb. 3 Collegian, Oliver Cook wrote about questioning the Israel’s legitimacy as a state.

Cook spoke about how Israel is a settler state and how for this reason he questions if the country should be a state.

First, I ask Cook what he thinks the whole Western Hemisphere is? The land that became our great nation here was in no way ours to populate, and our European ancestors invaded and destroyed the native populations so we could set up colonies, which happened on this continent from Canada to the tip of Argentina. If you question Israel as a legitimate state, you must question all of them.

Second, of all peoples on this earth, Jews have had to deal with more hatred then any other people. From the Egyptians, to the rise in anti-Semitism throughout the globe, no other people deserve a state more than the Jewish people -maybe the Kurds, but that’s another topic.

We must not forget what happened to 6.5 million Jews in Europe during WWII. The Jewish people, after thousands of years of hatred and bigotry, finally have a state of their own; a place all Jews can look to in times of increasing anti-Semitism.

We finally have a land to call our own and I don’t believe that we will give it up anytime soon, especially because those with anti-Semitic views believe its a settler state. Hatred of a people shouldn’t lead to the denial of a peoples right to exist.

Andrew Schulman

Freshman Open Option

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