Feb 042003
Authors: J.J. Babb

Discovering student needs and wants may be tricky, but submitting a question for this year’s 2003 Trends Survey may bring the answers into the light.

The annual survey distributed within the first two weeks of March by the Associated Students of CSU compiles questions submitted by various campus organizations.

“It’s important to find the results about what people are interested in and then we can make the changes that are needed,” said Jennifer Allen, polling and research specialist for ASCSU.

Allen said any student or administration group may submit an unlimited amount of questions for review for placement on the survey.

The deadline for submitting questions for the 2003 Trends Survey is Feb. 13. Survey questions may be returned to Allen at the ASCSU Complex in the Lory Student Center.

“It’s really good for student groups (to submit questions). It will show the different groups we have,” Allen said. “Also it’s important for administrators to submit questions so we can see what they are thinking.”

This is exactly why the Lory Student Center Marketing Department participates in the survey yearly, according to Kris Folsom, marketing public relations coordinator for the student center.

“It’s extremely valuable for us to understand the needs of our customers and CSU students are our customers,” Folsom said.

Questions submitted for the survey must be formatted to be answered on a scantron form and should not lead students to answer in a particular way.

Allen said the question, “ASCSU, the Colorado State student government, represents my views,” is an example of a well-worded question.

Questions also must not be biased and should address the student body as a whole, not only a specific group on campus.

Allen said the annual survey assists in making changes across campus.

“I do think (the survey) plays a role in decision making and can help sway decision making to do what’s best and what people want,” Allen said.

Folsom also agrees.

“It’s interesting because it’s always good to check in with your customers periodically and we have a lot of ways of doing that,” Folsom said. “(The survey) helps us validate results from other sources and helps us identify new opportunities.”

For more information contact Allen at Jennifer.a.allen@business.colostate.edu or 491-5931.

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