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Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

A new display in the Curfman Gallery of the Lory Student Center features a different brand of artists, all graduate students.

Open until Feb. 28, the gallery exhibit showcases 16 graduate students studying art at CSU.

Kari Lennartson, a graduate student featured in the exhibit, said she is pleased with the way the show has turned out.

“I think the gallery crew did a fantastic job,” Lennartson said. “They worked really hard and did marvelous work.”

Another featured student, Mark Howard, also approves of the display.

“I was really satisfied,” he said.

The idea for an all-graduate student display came about last spring when the gallery had a show cancelled and had to fill in the area quickly. The crew put together two smaller exhibits that showed student work, said Matthew Helmer, director of the gallery.

In brainstorming for future displays, Helmer said he came back to the idea of a student display again. The theme comes from the process of developing their work the students go through during their time in the master’s program.

“We focus on the process of their themes being explored,” Helmer said.

Helmer said the students selected the work they thought represented their theme.

“Every graduate student that wanted to be in the show is in the exhibit,” Helmer said. “We didn’t want students in competition.”

Mary-Ann Kokoska, an assistant professor of visual art, was involved in the brainstorming stages of the show.

“(The idea) really came up from a need for students to show their work in a professional display,” Kokoska said. “It would show the development and show how the work cross related.”

Helmer and Kokoska both hope that showing student artwork will happen every other year.

“Every two years should give (the students) enough time to come up with something (they want to show),” Kokoska said.

Helmer said the only thing he would like to change the next time around would be the time put into building the show.

“I would start earlier, but I say that about every exhibit,” Helmer said. “With a little more time, we could get more students involved. Overall I’m really pleased.”

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