Feb 022003

To the Editor:

I don’t usually feel compelled to share my political opinions unless I am asked. However, the whole uproar over Gov. Owens’ endorsement of Marc Holtzman has changed my mind.

Why is it that everyone is so sure that Holtzman will destroy CSU? And what’s wrong with Gov. Owens endorsing someone?

Does the selection process shut down the minute Owens opens his mouth? He didn’t force Holtzman on us; he just endorsed him for crying out loud! And what makes everyone so sure that a Ph.D. makes someone more capable to run a university than someone with proven administrative experience?

I wonder how many people at CSU even know exactly what it takes to run this university? I don’t. And I’m not going to make a fool out of myself by assuming things that I know nothing about – namely that Gov. Owens doesn’t know what it takes either. I’m ashamed to see how many CSU students (and faculty) have been so quick to announce that they know more about running a university than either Owens or Holtzman, especially when they make that judgment based solely on party affiliation.

My personal opinion is that the individuals in charge of the selection know enough to decide if Holtzman is qualified or not. I realize that everyone has his or her own opinion on this issue, and that’s fine, but is it really necessary to publish such intolerant and unformed articles about it day after day?

Michael Gossenauer

Bioresource Engineer graduate student


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