Jan 282003
Authors: Jason Kosena

Student parking on campus has become easier for the 25 people who are fortunate enough to stumble across one of the new meter parking spots available in the library parking lot.

Following the relocation of the Transfort station from the north part of the library parking lot to the west side of the Lory Student Center, 25 parking spots, two handicap, became available in prime campus location.

The question for the CSU Parking Services was what to do with the extra parking spots.

“We are trying to provide more parking for students in the core part of campus,” said Michael Rose, Director of Parking Services at CSU.

This metered parking only permits a maximum of a three-hour stay at one time, making a higher turnover rate of the spots and allowing more students to use the parking in one day.

Some students like the idea of new parking available next to core areas of campus.

“I would use the spots,” said James Barcenas, 20, a speech communications major. “All of my classes are right next to (the library parking lot) and it’s already so hard to park on campus now.”

The addition of these meter spots brings the total number on campus closer to the amount available last year, but not equal.

“After Transfort was relocated, roughly 40-50 (meter) spots were lost in the Lory Student Center parking lot,” Rose said.

Another change at CSU, beginning this summer, is the requirement of a parking pass to park on campus during the summer term.

With confusion among students about where they could and could not park on campus during the summer without getting ticketed, a change needed to be made, Rose said.

“Students get confused in the summer about where to park,” he said.

Also, students who purchase a parking pass for the year are paying to park in the summer, whether they use it or not.

“This way, everyone pays to park on campus,” Rose said.

Some students are against the new policy, though. Rory Roth, 20, open option, disagrees with having to pay to park in the summer.

“It’s already hard to park on campus during the normal school year; in the summer, when most people are gone, it should be free,” he said.

According to Rose, students who have already purchased a year-long parking pass will have no additional fees in order to park on campus this summer.

“Fairness is what we’re trying to achieve,” Rose said.

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