Jan 272003

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to Monica Owens’ well-informed article regarding Marc Holtzman’s recommendation by the governor to preside over CSU. She completely misses the point of attending an accredited university.

The issue with allowing Marc to take over the school has nothing to do with how well he did when he was in college. It’s true that these days a university is expected to make money, I know exactly how that works having attended a private university for two years. It is especially necessary for the state schools in Colorado following Bill Owens’ recent support of cutting virtually all state funding from higher education.

Had Marc applied for the job on his own merit, he might have been appointed president. He didn’t apply by himself, Owens practically filled out the application by suggesting to the Board of Governors that Marc would be a strong candidate.

Being governor gives Owens no right to voice his opinion in this process, as Monica suggests. This is the exact reason why it is so horrendous for this university that Marc was nominated. CSU has been threatened with the loss of accreditation. Monica Owens might not care, as Bill Owens could appoint her to head CU in a few years, but I do care. My diploma won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on if CSU is considered a second rate, joke university.

I want to know why Ms. Owens thinks that the Board will select a capable candidate. Owens selected the board. They’re going to do whatever pleases the governor because, come reappointment time, they’re going to want that title back.

The Owens family really should leave the presidential search to qualified people and allow the applicants to be selected fairly and properly.

Marcus Rennick

Junior Biochemistry

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