Dec 122002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

How many times do you remember hearing an elder tell you just how fast college flies by? Or how college is some of the best days of your life? These common and frequent statements say nothing about how to say goodbye to friends, colleagues and lovers when your college experience reaches its conclusion. Although those popular statements hold much truth, they do not take into account the bittersweetness of college days.

Hugs are made and words of luck are uttered. Tears are shed because there is no true way to sum up all of the memories shared between two people when a quick goodbye is being exchanged.

Friends teach us about ourselves. In a chaotic and sometimes harsh world, friends are one of the few aspects of each person’s life that leave us with positive feelings of support and unconditional love. The bittersweetness hits us when we must bid farewell to those individuals whom we have grown so incredibly close to. How do you say goodbye to the people in your life that you have shared deep relationships with?

Everyone holds anxiety for the future. Everyone learns more about their personality than ever before. Everyone gains knowledge on how to share small living spaces with others.

A common bond lies among all students because despite how different each person is, everyone is in it together. This short-lived college life is filled with laughter, learning, tears, growth, fear, love, but most importantly … friendship. During this time of personal growth, best and lifelong friends are made.

We all took difficult exams. We all felt the strain of all-nighters. We all know how it hurts to get an undeserved low grade or to not be accepted into a program. But outside of school-related issues (which are what brought all of us together in the first place) leaving each other could possibly be one of the most challenging experiences. Each and every student must learn to say goodbye. One of the challenges is adjusting to not having friends, colleagues and lovers at your disposal every day and every weekend.

Now, as another graduation approaches, a wave of valued and cherished students will leave their mark inscribed in the hearts of their peers, friends and loved ones at CSU.

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