Dec 052002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case and decide whether colleges and universities should use affirmative action for admission standards.

This case came after a group opposing affirmative action found three white applicants to the University of Michigan’s law school who were denied in favor of minority applicants with similar grades and accolades.

This case has been a long time in the works, as the last precedent came from the 1978 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke case. Since the decision attitudes regarding affirmative action have changed, and it is about time to revisit the issue.

Our take is that affirmative action has its place in admissions because colleges and universities do need to have diversity in order to expose students to people, and their experiences and opinions, that they would not have been exposed to otherwise.

However, we do not think affirmative action should not be a determining factor, which it appears to have been in the University of Michigan case. Rather, affirmative action should have merit and be considered regarding who gets admitted.

We think of affirmative action in admissions in terms of special consideration given to those who do community service work. These individuals are given points that count toward whether he or she should be admitted. Similar points should be given to minorities because they do bring a lot to our campus community.

Also, we think more should be done at the K-12 level do better prepare minority students. While we realize it is a lot easier said than done, schools that teach a lot of minority students are overwhelmed with a lot of problems, ranging from drugs, crime and bad teachers and administrators.

K-12 should invest more in fixing the problems in minority-dominant schools so they have an equal opportunity when applying.

But still, there are biases and prejudice around, and we would still like to see a minority point system to assure equal-qualified minorities have an opportunity to attend a college or a university.

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