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Authors: Kyle Endres

The Residence Hall Association passed two bills and a resolution in its eighth meeting of the semester Monday.

The first bill granted $75 to the Programming Activities Council for its annual Casino Night, which will take place on Thursday. The money will be used to purchase snacks and decorations for the event.”We’ve done (Casino Night) in the past and it usually pulls in a lot of students,” said Pam Mudd, president of PAC. “It’s usually a pretty big event.”

The $75 will pay for half of the food and decorating expenses for the event, Mudd said.

‘I think this is a great idea,” said Sara Daveline, National Residence Hall honorary president, of the bill. “I think it will do really well.”

The second bill was a $300 allocation to Braiden, Ellis and Newsom halls for a trivia event on Saturday. The Couch Potato Playoffs is part of the BEN Area Weekend Alternative Program, a program that provides an alcohol-free alternative for residents.

“It seems like a good idea to get people away from alcohol consumption,” said Tyler Maxey, a senator from the Towers Complex and a committee member of RHA finance.

RHA also looked at a resolution to form an ad hoc committee in charge of reviewing and recommending amendments to the current RHA Constitution.

“Loopholes exist in our Constitution,” Robert McChesney, director of finance and author of the resolution. “There are still some things that need to be addressed.”

Several senators and cabinet members have expressed interest in joining the committee, McChesney said.

Other topics discussed at the meeting were: the addition of new bike racks and the movement of existing racks at the residence halls, several changes in hall security and more support from residents at CSU basketball games.

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